Presentation on Teacherpreneurship (Part 3, bibliography)

Aquí is a short (& certainly incomplete) list of resources on teacherpreneurship that shaped my thinking for my Flex Day presentation notes & Prezi.

Tina Barseghian, “What the Heck is a ‘Teacherpreneur’?” Mind/Shift, 11 April 2011,

Barnett Berry & the TeacherSolutions 2030 Team, “The Coming Age of the Teacherpreneur,” Education Week, 6 October 2010,

John Holland, “What is a Teacherpreneur?” The Future of Teaching, 19 March 2011,

Kristoffer Kohl, “The Difference between a Teacherpreneur and an Education Entrepreneur”, Teacher Leaders Network, 13 Oct. 2011,

Jenny Luca, “The Teacherprenuer [sic]. They Exist. The Trick is to Keep Them in Our Classrooms,” Powerful Learning Practice, 25 April 2011,

“Teaching 2030,” Center for Teaching Quality,

Noah Zeichner, “A New Kind of Hybrid Role: Teacherpreneur”, Education Week, 18 October 2011,


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